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What does drawing means to you?

Drawing makes me useful and relax. I really love cute things, so my art basically spells my character

Why pick...death?

I feel that everyone of us will leave one day. Instead of weddings, I want to help grieving families but heaven have other plans for me

Only art?

I still have another goal in my heart

Must you study?

Passions are from the bottom of our heart, no degrees are needed

Believe in fate?

Yes. If it is yours, it is yours. If it is not yours, you will only have half

Guys or money?

Money...which one will you choose?

Look or character?

Character...your look can't make me full. It is your character that will last longer with me

Love smiling?

Always..people love to bully so I stay far far

Fight back?

And unless you know how to fight back or bite back, you can be as near to them

Rich or hardworking?

Hardworking because rich can always spend finish

And most importantly, to spend wisely and save for old age

How can you tell fake?

When a person is fake, they won't wait.
When a person is fake, they only want to obtain, and not give.
When a person is fake, they will sweet talk here and there, just to fit in.
When a person is fake, they will find the same standards because, of the no feelings with her close one.
When a person is fake, they will change attitudes and facing politics are very high.

No matter how easy a female is, she will want one that will make the move on her. By changing attitudes, either they got bored of you or they already found someone else.

Chat with guys?

I grew up peacefully without chatting with them so my conversation with them is not very good. My life revolves around work and loved ones more often so I hardly pay attention to a lot of them. In this manner, it is easier for me to remember, the guys I know in my mind. I also know females and females have politics issues too. Males and females are not important. They won't be the ones to feed you for free. Your family and ricebowl is more important. In life, we all only need one. But because people are not contented, they still fool around. Why they feel painful, is because we can only choose one and grow old with one. If you need a lot, it is best to stay single first. If you can commit, consider marriage.

Guys, must see fate. If you have fate with them, you can eventually last with them. But always remember, they may find a different partner, should they want to settle down too. So whether, their partner and you can click, depends on one's character.

Why a bestie can still find a boyfriend?

Because guys have different mentalities. You don't want her, but some people may want her. Some guys prefer less, and some guys prefer more. By less, he wants securities and trust and by more, he can still toy with other females whilst attached to one. Life is not fair but always remember that love is fair. A bestie will always catch a bestie, and that being said, her taste may be the playboy type. While love is unbalance, cheating will be higher. Both can cheat, but, the lesser you have, cheating will be lower. Besties, are the meaning of playing because of the more they share so unless they can be honest, they are still serious to you. Besties usually don't wait in love so if she have someone close, her partner may also have someone close. In this manner, there won't be any leave out issues.

While you are single, you can play all you like. Because single means, no commitment. However, besties are still people, and people still have feelings. An honesty builds trust in a relationship, this way, you build a home with each other. But, if you are not serious with each other, fooling around is still high.

Why they need more? Because of greed. Because, they want expensive things, and if you can't please her enough, she may leave with someone else. A female who can't stay single minded in a relationship means she will not, in marriage and the same thing, goes to you.


What I love in a man

Not looks, not wealth, but more of his behavior and health. Also, the securities and trust he can prove to me to maintain a peaceful and healthy relationship. He doesn't have to be rich, but at least hardworking. No matter how rich one is, there will still be expenses and worries. And most importantly, a man who knows how to save.

I don't want a best man, but a good man, because nobody is perfect in this world. We fall, we cry, we break down at times, we still stand up just to depend on ourselves. Things are not permanent, and cannot replace our love. Because, people want to show off due to their circles, but doesn't mean all couple have to be the same. We lead a healthy and simple lifestyle, and continue our own roads. Most importantly to grow old together and if you want the truth: I don't like branded.

Why don't want to be with you?

High standards. People who are afraid to get hurt, is a loner. And people who already feel numb, is crowd. Notice that there are still people who walk alone outside, crowd can become a loner anytime because circles are invisble. Companionship have a maximum limit because companionship can be quite expensive. They also change people everyday, today with this one, tomorrow with another and huge groups are only for special occasions. If they can last, they could be the future couple and if she can last with every guys, facing females politics are high too. Females are very jealous when it comes to love and work.

If people don't want to be with you, they will one day also meet with people who don't want to be with them. The higher you are, people can be even higher than you. The closer you are with people will make them harder to leave...However, one day, we will still part. Why are people miserable, is due to high standards and want the best of everything. By lowering down your expectations, you will in fact be happier, and having the less in your life, will bring you more fortune.

A man will come to me...if he loves me, not just for companionship. A lot of people don't wait, because playing is also another way to escape reality and stress.


Why groups always change?

Because nothing is permanent and even our earth moves. Groups are the meaning of different mindsets and options, so they may not always be the same. They are unlike a family who can always go back to the same place for meals or drink. Notice that the next day, the same group of people hardly goes back to the same coffee shop. Unless, they are really close. Groups are people who need companionship, so if companionship is not important to you, you can be on your own.

The difference between companionship and love is that companionship can come and go, go and come, but love will be there for you even in your darkest moments. While people have companionship, they are still searching for love, because companionship is just not enough. People need to separate themselves from companionship and love, because they cannot split themselves into half.

Love will introduce to you their people, because love means no secrets from each other. But because people hardly introduce to each other, they will only know each other in social medias without the adding part so usually, issues start from suspicious unless you trust them enough.

Why is a female bestie faster than a male bestie?

A female bestie is just like those other ordinary females who want to be loved and care for. She wants a family, not just a game to accompany guys, and after that, slowly watch them settle down. Females have very low patience due to pregnancy and the age limit, so if she doesn't wait for you, it is not surprising. Companionship is fake, because they still feel empty. Thus, a need to look for love. However, love is the meaning of waiting and being patient with them. If a female doesn't wait in love, she cannot wait in a relationship. That's why people always play before marriage.

Female besties usually have two rather than one. Because she is a bestie for a reason. Best have different meanings and tie is unsatisfaction. Unlike fate, who only have one. Bestie and fate can cheat. But bestie cheating is higher due to the fact that she has two. And, fate is lower, when she has lesser and because theirs is based on real feelings. A guy usually ends up waiting for bestie to settle down first, because, a guy most fear...is betrayal.

Is it a must to have a lot?

It is your own personal choice. If you prefer peaceful life, less is best for you. If you prefer social life, more is for you. By peaceful, you can concentrate on yourself and loved ones more. By social, you like to mix with people, then you will eventually have more. Females have less, will always be best for marriage material. Their relationship is already built in communication and trust. Females with more, may not be suitable for marriage...yet. Their relationship needs compromise and trust. Less will usually catch less, and more will eventually catch more. Because of standards wise.

If your bestie is earlier than you, high chance her boyfriend is likely to be your taste with a high pay salary and can drive kind of standards. Could they be toying with each other? Because of the more they share, single-minded is almost impossible for them. Don't worry about your bestie, worry about yourself first. Once she is attached, catching another female will be easier. In this way, it will be the four of you.

A lot means compromise and trust. Relationships always need trust. Otherwise, it will be just like friends.

Doing the same career?

Career is always the same. The way that we work, is different. People can do the same thing, but they cannot copy 100%. Because an original piece is irreplaceable. That's why there are many competitors out there. Competitors can run in families, relatives and friends. So please be wary of those around you.

By near, means issues and politics. By far, means out of sight and out of mind. That's why people don't need to be too close to one another. Be thankful, that your career can still make money, because, the more people is doing it, the more attention it will gain.

Same could also means that they may want to feel nearer to you, especially since you are far from them... We can only continue to follow our own path way, just do yours, and they do theirs, to reduce conflicts.


Do you need to be honest in an open relationship?

Open relationship is still relationship. So yes, unless, you are single, there won't be a commitment. Open relationship is people who are still open for more choices whilst attached to one. In this manner, them being with other people are still high. Open or close, it is still someone's else feelings. That's why people can't let go after playing.

Open relationship means agreeable for both parties that they allow them to be with different people through their consent. usually sweet talks are being seen by other people while dating because there is no secret to forever.

By playing, learn to let go first, and make sure, the person share the same standards as you.

I am a cartoonist

i want to be known as a cartoonist because art to me is free style. I hope this website is useful for you, I stay home majority of the time working on my projects and hope to teach kids in the future. My husband hold two jobs, and I am also WFH... My products, will not be those expensive kinds, just affordable to spend for juniors and seniors. I want to learn music, I have very strong passion in the arts sector, and wish to improve myself. I learn music since young, and I only know how to draw the notes. I gave up because I always give up half way through, and hope I can try again.

I don't have many boyfriends in the past, an ex tried to threaten death on me during the break up procedure, so I quickly get out before, he really goes crazy. I have been in a toxic relationship, so I know guys are really not easy...to get along. Let their family member know, so that they don't do crazy things during the break up procedure. Now you know why I am scared of... guys.

I treat job, as a passion, something I really love to do. Learn to depend on ourselves, because life means it is tough.


How to survive alone?

If you can survive alone in this world, you are one of the very few tough people on earth. I will teach you how to enjoy alone, and how you don't need companionship ever.

First, embrace small groups and care for your family more. Friends and relatives are not for long term. In the end, everyone is still searching for their own life time partner. Friends and relatives are people who will only walk with you till half. Family and partner are the ones that will walk with you till the end. Of course, family have good and bad. Good ones, please learn to cherish and bad ones, just leave them, perhaps, this can improve the relationship as times goes by.

People have two types. Crowd, and loner. Crowd have to make an invite, and even crowd can become a loner too. It is to show you that life is not fair, but at least, loner don't have crowd issues.

Notice groups often change, next day, seeing the same group of people again is rare. They are unlike a family who can always go back to the same place because goups is the meaning of different options and mindsets.

Circles are fake, social medias show 2000 friends, but during your hardest times, you can see hands and tails. Companionship is fake due to the fact that someone will be left without a status. That's why, people always have problems with each other. By alone, it means that you have the whole world to yourself, you can do everything as you please without offending people. You need help turn to law and services. They need money, what about your circles? No one will always help for free. If you notice, crowd always add fuels while loner always stay at peace with each other. And by alone, you are stronger than anyone else, and your group of people will feel safer with you.

If you cannot handle alone, try adopting animals and a helper. But remember, to be nice to each other.

A little more about us...We are a very simple couple, who doesn't chase after fame and branded. We prefer long lasting love and items. We don't need fashionable clothings or shoes, as long as it is comfortable for us. We are those types who keep things real and fast forward. We don't like, to spend too much, or beg people. We live our own lives and prefer not to bother too much about other people.

It is only based on work matters, you will get to know us. Otherwise, people come, people go. Just to reduce conflicts and issues. Nowadays, people are very fierce to the point of killing each other...A case of a daughter killed her adopted father and helper killed employer...what do you think?

For clothes and shoes wise, I can't wear high heels...and I prefer shirts that can last rather than you wore once or twice and throw away. We just like to keep things simple, and don't have that many friends to show off. We are very happy with our lifestyle... and live comfortably is all that matters. Cheers!


Welcome to our brand new website. New space, and new thoughts. A lot of pages are still coming soon so stay tuned! Thank you to our followers for following us, we will try our best to update constantly to bring you new art, and graphics, which you can use, for other purposes.


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